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English-German translations and proofreading services. Diplom-Übersetzerin ~ MA Translation. Member of BDÜ & VDÜ // Photographic art. Fine art prints available.

Some project examples


1001 plants you must grow before you die

My biggest assignment in 2017, an encyclopaedic book with almost a thousand pages, showing the most beautiful garden plants in the world. I selected a small team of translators and an editor for this job, translated many chapters (the shrubs and others) and took care of the translation-related project management.

English original edition: Liz Dobbs (general editor), 1001 plants you must grow before you die, Quintessence Editions, 2016

German edition: 1001 Pflanzenträume für Haus und Garten, Edition Olms, 2018

English > German Translation and project management

English > German Translation and project management


Polaroid | The Missing Manual

A 'must-have' book for all lovers of instant photography and analogue enthusiasts! It describes and illustrates amazing creative techniques, numerous tips and tricks, and also contains camera and film guides as well as comprehensive information on the history of Polaroid (about 250 pages).

English original edition: Rhiannon Adam, Thames & Hudson, 2017

German edition: Polaroid | Kreative Tools und Techniken, Prestel/ Random House, 2017



Digital Photographer & other photo magazines

For this client I have proofread different magazines on various photographic subject areas, such as outdoor and black & white photography, and I have also translated a number of their articles.

English original editions: Digital Photographer and others, Imagine Publishing Ltd

German editions: Digitale Fotografie and others, Ultimate Guide Media Ltd



Riders Tour & More

A bilingual yearbook on the international DKB-Riders Tour showjumping series and the highlights of the showjumping season, published in December every year (about 130 pages). This is an ongoing project that started in 2005. Most of the articles in the book are translated from German into English by my English colleague, Louise Hütz, while I take care of the proofreading and co-ordinate the translations.

Bilingual original editions: Riders Tour GmbH



Performance Sales International Magazine

This bilingual magazine is published every year on the occasion of the well-known P.S.I. sport horse auction in December. It looks back on the news of the year in equestrian sports and breeding and presents successful horses, riders and other 'horsey' people. Like the above mentioned Riders Tour yearbook, this has been a regular assignment from 2005 on, and it has also always been a team project between Louise Hütz and I.

Bilingual original editions: P.S.I. GmbH



Great Discoveries in Medicine

A specialised book that explains the greatest discoveries and inventions of medical history and tells the stories behind them. It contains about 300 pages, of which I translated about 200 pages.

English original edition: H. Bynum, W. Bynum, Great Discoveries in Medicine, Thames & Hudson, 2011

German edition: Die großen Entdeckungen in der Medizin, Dumont, 2012



Atlas der Pferde

A beautifully illustrated book with comprehensive descriptions of the 100 most popular horse breeds, their typical features and history (about 240 pages).

English original edition: Moira C. Harris, Nicola Jane Swinney, Horses: The Origins and Characteristics of 100 Breeds, New York, Metro Books, 2011

Englische original edition: Moira C. Harris, Nicola Jane Swinney, Horses: The Origins and Characteristics of 100 Breeds

German edition: Atlas der Pferde, National Geographic, 2010



Clinical trial protocols

The German Hodgkin Study Group is one of the worldwide leading research organisations for this particular type of cancer (Hodgkin lymphoma). I have been working for this client for many years now and have translated numerous documents in connections with their clinical trials, including a number of the trial protocols (each has about 200 pages) which include very detailed information on the individual medical research studies and their procedures, as well as patient information sheets and consent forms.



MSD Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy

I translated several of the haematology and oncology chapters (about 150 pages) of this well-known and widely used medical textbook, which contains over 3500 pages, with some help by a specialised physician who provided expert advice.

English original edition: The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, 18th edition, Merck & Co., 2006

German edition: Das MSD Manual der Diagnostik und Therapie (7th German Edition), Elsevier, 2007